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     Hospice Advantage is a Medicare, Medicaid certified program. It was founded in November 2004. Since its inception, it has been very active in home health care and hospice services for the terminally ill. Over the years, due to its hard work, dedication, and diligence, Hospice Advantage has flourished and thus expanded. It now proudly provides hospice services in Alabama (AL).

Hospice Advantage provides a comprehensive range of hospice services in Alabama (AL). We recognize that each individual’s needs are different, and may change. Therefore, we work closely with family members to determine what is needed, and thus provide hospice care in Alabama (AL), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We utilize an interdisciplinary approach. Basically, we consistently keep the broad picture of the patient’s needs in mind. What’s more, the collaborative team that provides hospice care in AL includes a wide range of specialty and expertise. The patient care manager, physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, counselors, bereavement coordinators, and volunteers work closely to provide unparallel hospice in Alabama.

Hospice Advantage currently offers the following hospice care in Alabama:

Pain and Symptom Management

The personnel carefully administer medication, as well as, other techniques to control a patient’s pain and symptoms.

Physician & Nursing Care

The physicians and nurses take great pride regarding a patientís medical care. Both are highly trained and skilled in this regard. As such they are able to provide great care and educate patients and families.

Psycho-social services

The social workers and spiritual counselors are trained and skilled to address the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of patients. They are also equipped to help foster positive family relationships. Further, they are in the unique position in terms of being able to coordinate community resources for the patient and family.

Bereavement services

The counselors at Hospice Advantage are professionally trained. You can rest assured that they are uniquely qualified to provide excellent spiritual and emotional comfort.

Assistance with daily living

The staff can also assist the patient in terms of eating, getting out of bed, walking, dressing, bathing, and toileting.

     The staff at Hospice Advantage possesses excellent medical skills; and consistently educates themselves in their respective fields of study.  Equally important, they also possess wonderful empathetic and compassionate qualities.  Moreover, we work hard to make sure that we stay attuned and responsive to the changing needs of our patients.

As a result, Hospice Advantage can provide the best possible hospice services in Alabama, AL.  Therefore, should you need hospice in Alabama, contact Hospice Advantage to receive unparallel service.

Hospice AL Offices

Troy - (334) 566-4357
413 S Brundidge St
Troy, AL 36081

Wetumpka - (334) 512-1010
4037 US Highway 231
Wetumpka, AL 36093

Birmingham - (205) 970-3888
3500 Blue Lake Drive, Suite 270
Birmingham, AL 35243-1902

Auburn - (334) 826-1899
665 Opelika Road
Auburn, AL 36830

Auburn inpatient unit
Bethany House - (334) 826-0032
1171 Gatewood Dr. Building 100
Auburn, AL 36830